Friday nights are just more fun now that I am old and boring…

ImageI am an incredibly lucky girl though, at times, I cannot believe that I actually deserve it. I have a (gorgeous) husband that genuinely loves his family. Like, deep-down-to-the-core-of-his-being loves being a family man and spending every moment with us that he possibly can. While spending a Friday night -that would have been spent in your youth whooping it up in an insanely inappropriate fashion- watching your two boys romp all over the house with their ridiculously silly “man” games is a wonderful reason to just stop and say, “Thank you for all that I have.”

Thank you for for my beautiful family. Thank you for my happy life. Thank you for all the love that I have been blessed with. I am truly grateful.



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I'm just living minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day.

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  1. I found myself in bed by 10 pm on a Friday night and loving it. Pre-children, pre-30’s I would’ve had to have been sick to be in bed at 10 on a Friday night. But the older I get the more I enjoy my family and a good nights sleep. Here’s to Friday Nights!

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