Can I get this on a T-shirt? A mug? Tattooed on me somewhere, perhaps?


Thank God! I thought that was the only one!

Viva la caffeine addiction!



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  1. Omg yes. I have never consumed so much caffeine (or alcohol) as I have since becoming a mother!

    Unfortunately I’m about to do an FET which with the intention of getting knocked up – therefore I have to seriously cut down my coffee intake 😦

    Pity me.

    • Yay for procreation! Lol, seriously, though, good luck! Sad for the coffee, though. No worries, that just means when you really need that first year of parenting it will work like a charm again!

      I’ve had to cut mine in half since it was losing it’s effectiveness…which is sad on so many levels. 😉

  2. I am actually allergic to coffee!! Gasp?! I know!!!! So I live vicariously through others and wonder down the coffee isle at the grocery store in a state of near nirvana…..sigh.

    Boringyear: following you now (would love for you to follow me!) I look forward to reading your journey! Good luck on the “getting knocked up” thingy! 😉

      • lol…It’s not so bad…now. I found out when I was 18 and had about 5 sips and nearly died!! So not a drop of coffee (or anything with coffee in it – including desserts) for nearly 20 years! 😦 I love me a warm cup of Earl Grey or a little Swiss Miss (with marshmallows of course!) instead. But I have those friends much like you who probably need it more than blood and oxygen…lol.

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