A Letter To My Son…


To my beautiful son on his third birthday,

Jp, this year has been one wild ride of speech pathologists, milestone charts, and doing all that we can as your parents to assure that you are going to have the best possible outcome with some of the verbal and social challenges that you have to go through (so bravely, I might add). I have learned so much about myself and Chris through all of this…but mostly, this year I have learned much about the man you will eventually become. You truly are so incredibly smart, insanely intuitive, have such a wonderful sense of humor, are warm, so loving, and have genuinely astounded me by facing every single solitary challenge with the best possible attitude and just witnessing you thrive and flourish being surrounded by all of the positivity we love to shower on you is nothing short of a miracle.

You are SUCH an inspiration to me! You never give up or lose your humor, you never get frustrated when I insist upon making you repeat the same things over and over again endlessly, you smile so brightly and light up with such joy with each new tiny victory and, because of that, we have become the parents that rejoice WITH you and not just “expect things” from you. Thank you, my wonderful Jp, for helping to make us better and more patient people -as well as parents- on this awesome journey with you, for being someone that simply makes us so proud that we could burst DAILY, and for always giving it your best even when it is hard! We truly could not be more proud to be your parents!

We love you with all of our hearts, my rambunctious, crazy, tenderhearted little wild man! Happy Birthday!


The Luckiest Parents on Earth





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