I ain’t scared of no pool…

ImageWitnessing our children do something new for the very first time is a moment that a mother literally lives for. Like, the very reason that our feet hit the floor in the morning before the coffee is even brewing. The honest truth is, for those of you without children who have no idea why this fact would be, watching someone that you love eyes just light up with a sense of wonder, personal pride, and accomplishment is the essence of beauty in it’s simplest form.

It personifies the magic and purity that is a very brief childhood. It makes your mommy heart do back flips in your chest. It feels like winning the Superbowl and the NBA Finals combined (yes, it is that awesome for us, fellas).

Today I watched Jp do something that makes him anxious, that frightens him, and something that I never would have dreamed he could work up the courage to do before today. He jumped into a pool while holding my hands! Now, I know that may not be moving the metaphoric mountain for some kids and may result in the raised eyebrows of “really?” for some. But let me tell you…for my little wonder…that was pure magic.

Water, while a great love of his, makes him nervous. Especially being splashed and going in past his tiny waist. He doesn’t dive, he wades. He doesn’t swim, he walks. So today, to see him standing at the edge of  the pool with that look of determination on his face that said, “I am scared, Mom, but I am going to try it”, was one of those momentous mom moments that I live for. To be witness to him conquering a fear was pure bliss.

With each tiny victory comes new confidence and with each time he looks a fear dead in the face and gives it the bird…I am one proud mamma! Get some, Jp!

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  1. Yay!!!!! Go JP!! I’m with you on that! My oldest loves water but has a fear/issue with getting his head and face wet! (And an intense fear of swimming with fish) So….I enrolled him in swim lessons. It took a while, but now he is finally starting to put his fave in the water and swimming in the pond. Mommy pride is such an exhilarating feeling! Best one ever!

  2. I don’t have kids but I do have students that I love to see learn, grow and develop as human beings as well as thinkers so I can relate to your joy. I nearly threw a party when 3 of my hardest-working students got amazing results in a hugely notoriously competitive exam I’d been helping them prepare for!! That said, your posts about your son are fantastic and your happiness in this one is making me smile all the way over here!

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