Cookie me now or suffer the consequences, mamma!

ImageNote to self:

When deciding that you want to make cookies with your impatient, comprehension-challenged youngster…just do yourself a big favor and save yourself the hassle and go out and buy a bag of Chips Ahoy instead.

Because, even with the drop and bake variety (that is all that this baking challenged mom is worth a cat at), he will still see the cookie on the package and think he is getting cookies right that very minute and the next 17 minutes of baking time will be spent listening to tears, screaming, pleadings of “PLEASE!”, and will culminate in him wandering around the house saying the word cookie 7.5 million times until you want to rip your own ears off and stuff them down the garbage disposal.

Then they will be too hot to eat and this insanity will begin all over again and will not end until they are cool and you have stuffed one into his gullet.

Take that, Pinterest. If I had added in the prep time involved in making those cookies “something special”…I might have just sent him straight to the loony bin, eh?



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  1. I am laughing so hard right now because we made cookies today and our toddler was doing the exact sane thing! I ended up giving him a “hot out of the oven” cookie which basically crumbled in his hand because it hasn’t “set ” yet, but oh my gosh I vowed never to do it again! What is up with this stage where they ask the EXACT same question over and over and over?!?

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