This may sound terrible…but I have just been doing a lot of “me” lately…

ImageI know that I have been a bit remiss in my normally consistent blogging schedule. I have two main reasons for this fact…while neither is a fantastic excuse. One, Jp just has not been that “interesting” lately. And that is great (for me at least). Usually, the fodder for my constantly updated blog is the extreme ups and downs that is raising my gorgeous atypical wonder. Though currently, it has just been relatively mellow on the home front of the Perea house. The meltdowns that he does have have actually seemed quite typically “toddler-ish” versions of being too sleepy, hungry, or spoiled (totally my fault) as opposed to sensory or anxiety related. He is now in the throes of this completely immersive obsession with Octonaughts on Disney Junior so, unless I am just not turning an episode on fast enough for his liking, he is not that interested in whether I am even here or not. I am only the lady that knows how to make peanut butter sandwiches and make the Octonaughts appear.

Which could sound sad…but, I promise, it is a nice reprieve from the typical attention seeking (be it negative or positive) behavior he has been displaying in the previous months. Plus, I still get sweet kisses and snuggles as long as the Octonaughts are not on or dad is not home…so there is always that.

Maybe I am a “bad mom” but I will take it with wide outstretched arms. The former was unbelievably exhausting. And -I have to admit- since he wakes with me, does not nap, and falls asleep with me, I am just enjoying some glorious time to catch up with deep cleaning and other tasks that I have let fall to the wayside lately to focus on his tantrums and other assorted mayhem.

ImageAlso, the second thing that has been distracting me is my current obsession with yoga. Those that have followed me long enough know that I have a (mostly asymptomatic) chronic illness. But one symptom that is apparent and impossible to ignore is the overwhelming fatigue that is associated with it. And for the last six months before this last one I have been tired. Really tired. Like, barely-able-to-get-through-the-day-without-copius-amounts-of-caffeine TIRED. This month, since my new (slightly ridiculous amounts of) routines of Vinyasa yoga have been in place, I barely drink coffee. I feel wonderful. I feel invigorated. I feel rejuvenated.

I just feel overall better all around.

So, instead of loafing at the computer…I have been cleaning. I have been playing. And, of course, doing my drug of choice: more yoga. In other words…being a bad blogger. I do apologize for that, I truly do.

And -I promise- as soon as Jp wakes up from his sea-creature-pirate-induced-trance and is back to his old mischievous self I will be back to the airwaves to vent and make you laugh at my pain again.

Until then…I hear a Downward Facing Dog calling my name before bedtime.

Someone call those people on Intervention, will you?

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    • As much as they are alike…just keep doing it. Jp was all over me in the beginning but after awhile he lost interest. As long as he’s fed before now we have no issues. ๐Ÿ™‚ He just says “woga” and goes back to what he’s doing!

  1. All good news! Although, I do miss you. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Ironically, I had a thought while I was lying in bed this morning that I just wanted to get up and stretch. I’ve done yoga once, but thought about doing it more regularly as I was laying there trying to wake up. Any recommendations on where/how to start?? Something I can do at home?

    • I do all of mine at home. YouTube Sadie Nardini and beginner. She’s awesome, walks you through perfect posture, and even has a Facebook group if you have questions.

      Buy a cheap mat and do it! Life changing stuff!

  2. While I’m delighted when your posts pop up in my reader , It is OK for you to enjoy some down time. Talking care of you is part of taking care of your kids. My drug of choice is long distance mountain hikes. ๐Ÿ™‚

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