This is a whole ‘nother level of crazy cat lady…

On my front stoop just now, I saw something with my own two green eyes that I have never -ever- seen before. Now, I am far from a sheltered soul and have seen more than my fair share of cray-cray in my days of working in the service industry, studying in school, and generally being a wild child.

I thought that I had seen it all.

But, as I was staring at my tree in the front yard and pondering how many more inches it could grow over the sidewalk before the Home Owners Association came a’knocking at my door, I happened to witness one of the strangest things that I have seen to date.

ImageA woman in her mid-to-late forties was pushing a stroller down the sidewalk with a smile on her face beaming with pride. As she dodged my out of control foliage, I could not help but notice that her stroller was one that I had not seen before. Upon further inspection I realized that was because there was no carrier at the top. Huh? What was she pushing? I was logically intrigued.

ImageThe bottom was a mesh crate of some sort, however, and as I openly stared at it with a sense of curiosity that once killed a cat I realized something ridiculous. Speaking of cats…this broad had a cat in a crate and was strolling it through the neighborhood while it went wild and cried.

For serious?

I like to think that I am open to our differences as people. But then some wack job walks her cat -who apparently does not even enjoy it- with a Prozac-worthy grin on her face…and I take it back. I wonder where these people are bred and how I can get a population destroying virus into the water supply undetected.

So, I tip my hat to you, Crazy Cat Lady 2.0, for my truly evil thought of the day. Now I have to go and find a way to get that image out of my head while sipping some wine and pondering how the fear of dying alone brings people to pseudo-worship their cats.

And then be grateful that I am allergic.

cat sadness

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  1. I saw a lady in my neighborhood doing that with a dog! Only – get this – no special dog stroller for her pup. Oh no. The dog was riding in a baby pram that I happen to know retails for over $1,000! Cray-cray!

  2. I had a smarter than average cat who played tennis with me for hours a day. As she got older, chubbier and less athletic, I decided that she was smart enough to train to walk with me on my daily jaunt around the neighborhood. I got a cat walking device–torturous looking thing, but hey what do I know, right? I put her in the harness and started dragging her off into the wonderful world of neighborhood discovery. And she was terrified. Cats are creepers and stalkers, they don’t just waltz out in the open air. It’s not predatory. And they are by nature predators. I persisted, though, for a block, hoping that she would see the benefit of this preview and find ever more interesting areas to stalk when let out of the house. No, no go, she was having none of it. So I gave up and let her do her stalking thing. Now the toilet training idea is still on the books for Someday…..

    • Lol That’s awesome. The best part is that you know why one simply cannot just walk a cat. It is not in their nature to just prance around. But…what makes you superior is that you didn’t put the cat in a box when it didn’t take to the leash. 😉

      • HAHA, people sometimes turn into wackos in regard to their pets. A phenomenon that certainly should be studied. I would have LOVED to see that–I laughed all the way through your post!

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