If you liked it then you shoulda put a label on it. Whoa oh, oh, oh, oh, oh….

Short, sweet, and to the point.

Today was Jp’s first appointment with his new speech therapist. Now, this office, unlike the fancy, hippy one that I had him originally, is much more clinical. Which I like. I did not need more sunshine blown up my tookus. I wanted some answers.

And today -for the first time since this journey began- I finally received some in a way that I could understand. With DSM number classifications and all.

Diagnosed Language Disorders:

Moderate Mixed Expressive-Receptive Language Disorder– (communication impairment)

Articulation Disorder– (speech sound impairment)

With referrals for ABA and Developmental follow-ups, of course, to address the deficits in pragmatic language and behavioral issues.

While the words mean close to nothing to the happiness to our family…they mean everything as it keeps the insurance company from being able to sit far, far away and decide (having never met him) whether or not he deserves the help he needs to succeed.

So I will take it. Labels are for red tape…not for love.

20130830-230241.jpgThis face really needs a smooth talker behind it, right? Teen mom here we come! 😉


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  1. What a relief. It changes nothing in how you see him and love him. No change in what he can do and how he functions, but it will take a big weight off your back. Happy for you all.

    • The best part is now I can enroll him the half day program at his elementary for children with communication difficulties! The spots fill fast and they want PROOF. I am so excited for him! 🙂

      • We worry and worry and worry, and then sometimes we get the right result. My husband would say, “see I told you not to be worrying, but I think we actually achieve more through worry than being passive. I am so happy for you.

  2. Just of interest, I went to a talk on pediatric stroke and chorio can cause neonatal stroke. The problem is that the stroke may not be noticed at the time until language starts to develop. Did he have any CT/MRI’s at birth? I thought of you and jP’s speech issues when I was listening to the presentation.

    • He did have an abnormal ultrasound which they called multiple cysts. A trip to the neurologist should shed some more light on the subject. Thank you for the info, though, I cannot wait to look into it. 🙂

  3. Congrats! We’ve only had one session of our new therapy and I’m trying not to be discouraged. The lady wants to work on pronouns vs. more qualitative/pragmatic types of language. I don’t want to waste more time on bad/inadequate therapy.

    • Jp’s -while having a voice that could break glass- is so on-point that it’s scary. I received a paper with a full break down of the evaluation and course of plan action and even though she had that bear out she nailed every single issue that I know that he has. She is working on pronouns, of course, but she is hammering in the pragmatics like crazy.

      The delays (1.5 deviations below the mean in receptive and 2.0 in pragmatics but there is no “receptive language disorder” or “pragmatic language impairment” diagnosis) that he scored the lowest in are what she is working on head on. That and articulation. I love it.

      I’m feeling pretty good about it. Unlike the other therapist that I thought was kind of useless…so, I feel positive.

      Give it a few sessions and if you still feel like she is not doing what you want contact your insurance provider and get her switched. This time is too crucial in their lives to waste with terrible therapists.

      (Also– Jp was flagged for lack of eye contact again. ;))

    • I think she is also super focused on the pragmatics because Jp was flagged for (not) having almost all of them. He initiates and takes turns (you’re welcome, lady, that was like pulling teeth for a year on that one). But was flagged for joint attention, greetings/farewells, eye contact, facial expressions, interacting with peers, inability to give any personal information…

      It was his lowest score and his biggest weakness. Maybe Stella didn’t score as low? Did you ask about her eval scores?

      • I actually haven’t gotten those officially yet. I should get that in the mail any time now. It might be fine and I’m just being paranoid. She doesn’t invite parents to sit in on the sessions so I haven’t actually observed anything but the eval. That’s tough for a control-freak mom!

    • I know…it’s a ridiculous thing to hope to attain just so your child can learn to understand people? I am not trying to get him into a prestigious college application preschool…I want him to see a professional about the fact that he doesn’t understand others and cannot speak to other children. The fact that he needs to have a label for that…well, I think it speaks volumes about our healthcare system and how it fails people.

      But, on the upside, I can finally breathe about the whole issue. He’s in speech, I am going to enroll him in the program at his elementary for children with comprehension issues. So…at least it is looking up. 🙂

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