Confession: I am one of those “crazy” conspiracy theorists.

Yesterday being what it was in our nation’s history, I thought it would be a good time to bring this little personal factoid about myself to the surface. Yes, I am a proud questioner of all things spoon-fed to me by the mainstream media. Do not confuse this admission with the image that you may have in your head: me sitting in a dimly lit room with newspaper clippings wallpapering every surface connected with brightly colored twine, wearing a tinfoil hat to prevent mind-altering transmissions, with a transistor radio ebbing slowly in the background while I calculate mindlessly on a mirror with charcoal pencil.

I am sure there are those types of people and if they would just get back on their medications, I am sure that they would be a-okay.

conspiracy-theoristThere is, however, a large population of us that believe that everything that you see on the television -especially the news- should not be swallowed like a “good little girl”. We believe that it is almost silly to assume that your government is operating with supreme honesty and without personal or professional agenda. We think that what most people see as a democracy is nothing more than a sham to keep you complacent in their quest for more capital.

Okay, okay, so I know that probably makes you think that I am typing this from a padded room somewhere. Mental institutions have to have Wi-Fi, right?

But the plain truth is…we exist. We are your neighbors, students, teachers, and friends. We don’t all have wacky hair and go on television to make memes out of. We are informed, involved, and (most of the time) have the sense to keep to ourselves about it in social settings. Because, the truth of the matter is, most people are wildly incorrect in their assumptions of who we are or why we think the way that we do. We are not as crazy as you may think.

Though, in my usual nature of refusing to defend my ideals, this is not about me attempting to persuade you to adhere to my belief system or sway you in any way to agree with me. What would be the point in all of that nonsense? This is me telling you some of the things that we as theorists (there is another fun fact: we don’t really care for “conspiracy theorists” as it is almost a derogatory term at this point to dismiss our ideals) are and, subsequently, are not.

Pull up a comfortable chair with no dangerous or sharp edges and a Joe Rogan podcast and enjoy!

We believe that the government intentionally lies to us–

I am not going to go in to an exceptionally long and drawn out dissertation on the government conspiracies that I do and do not subscribe to. I will, however, say that I view the government like a cheating spouse– if you lie to me once…you are a liar forever in my eyes. Can you truly believe that everything that the White House releases is true and utter fact? Do you think that the government believes the same country that makes superstars out of people for sex tapes and other internet atrocities, needs only one silly Miley Cyrus twerk performance to distract us for an entire month, and engages in mob mentality (Oj, Casey Anthony, Mark Zimmerman) every time a sensationalized case hits the newsstands is “capable” of handling the information that they think they are keeping from us “for our own good”?

Ever heard the phrase “need to know basis”?

They don’t think we need to know and so they don’t tell us vital information. Regularly. This is not a delusion, it is not a psychosis, this is a simple and highly verifiable fact. I am not saying that every theory is based in cold, hard truth but I am certainly saying that most of us believe that our government is far from giving us as a nation an accurate play-by-play of what they are involved in and why they make the choices that they do.

We probably do too much research…but we think that you do not do enough

Most of us, as theorists, know that we indulge in a little too much internet scouring and documentary watching. We know, we know…totally guilty. Most of us will own that without batting an eye. I know that I do.

But we believe that it is better to be too informed than to be in the dark.

Look, I know that people may think that we a crazy group of anti-government weirdos that are out there scanning the interwebs for any myth to cling to like a broken child but, the fact is, that there is plenty of evidence of contradictions from people in positions of power, public records of hidden agendas, and officials that are no longer part of the lie that have spoken out about it.

And there are plenty of guys in tinfoil hats that are out there finding it and making it easier for the rest of us.

So yes, we do research. But to think a group of people that, by definition, questions everything that they are presented with is sitting around and clinging to ridiculous and disprovable theories is ludicrous. We research our research for goodness’ sake.

We think the government is essentially run by big corporations–

Who funds the government? Banks and special interest groups. Who funds politicians? Banks and special interest groups. Who are the people that are making the deals with all of them? Banks and special interest groups.

Let us think about it for just one tiny moment. If you are funneling millions upon millions of dollars into something as a profitable organization…are you doing so out of the goodness of your own heart? Or are they doing it to have their personal interests met once the person that they funded is in a position of power?

We are destroying the planet in the name of capitalism, we are ravaging the economy in the name of the 1%…who do you truly think is puppeteering these choices? Politicians with the interest of the people in mind? Or the large financial institutions that are backing these figureheads? Just sit on that for a moment before you answer.

There are traditional herbal remedies that have been used for thousands of years in other cultures and are continuing to be used in countries with subsidized health care. Yet here? Medications are a billion-dollar-a-year industry so they just keep pumping us full of drugs that have warning labels that contain side effects like thoughts of suicide and death. Death! Do you know what was wrong before? I promise, it was not worse than death. Yet the same people that are monitoring these drugs and supposed to be protecting us are funded by the same companies that manufacture them. Don’t believe me? This is all public record, people. Do some of that research that we are always faulted for doing too much of and see for yourself.

In this country, he who has the money has the power and the biggest decisions are made by the most powerful. The problem is that the most powerful are not the people that have your best interest in mind. They have dollar signs where their heart should be.

We believe that the mainstream media only conveys the interest of the owners of the station and should not be your only source of knowledge about what is going on in the country–

I recently wrote a piece about how I do not watch the news. I suppose that is only half true. News channels -particularly national news- are spectacularly biased. Yes, I said it, I said it and I am not taking it back. george carlin

If you do not believe that to be true…watch a breaking national news story while bouncing between several news channels.

People are biased by nature and it is (highly wealthy and connected) people that own these stations that are broadcasting the news that you are watching. To honestly think -with all of these factors involved- that you are just receiving only pure, unfiltered truth is a bit naive in this day and age.

Our country is so divided. Gun control, second amendment rights, pro-choice, pro-life, republican, democrat…there are as many opinions as there are faces on a train. You cannot ask ten people on a street corner to tell you what happened with any national news event and not have it tinged with personal opinion. The mainstream media is no different. There are agendas everywhere. Even if you cannot see them.

But, as theorists, we do. We see them (and all of their personal interests) and feel insulted that the mainstream media feels as though we are all so wrapped up in our VMA’s and reality television that it can pull the wool over our eyes like that and we will be none the wiser. And so, we rage against it, of course.

Though when we speak out, for all of us as a nation, most of you look at us like we are just ranting mental patients ready for the funny farm.

sheepSo, perhaps we are distrustful. Perhaps we all think a little out of the box. But, I can promise you, we are not lunatics. We simply choose to look past what the television tells us to think. We are not sheep, we will not be content, and we don’t simply swallow the lies that this country thinks it can feed us every single day without ever being questioned on it’s authenticity.

And if you think that makes us crazy, that’s cool. We think you’re crazy, too.

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  1. So, I lean towards not trusting the government also and believing they are all run by big companies serving their own interests, and tend to only watch the Today show, but where do you get good information then? That is my question and that is where I’ve always felt frustrated. How do I find good, reliable sources and not get carried away with the “crazy”??

  2. I am not someone that questions everything, but I also don’t not question things. I agree that the government hides a lot from us and has more control that it should. I think that the government is no longer a democracy. I also think its not really about what’s good for the people of America as it is about what’s good for the people who work in government.

    You’re not crazy. You are just a citizen concerned about what the heck is happening to the country you live in! Nothing wrong with that!!!!

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