Someone give me a hammer, will you?

In Jp’s speech therapy waiting room -also known as the only place I get any peace lately- there is a clock. An old timey, counting-the-seconds-until-the-lunch-bell, clock. Now, in this digital age there is simply no excuse to have a clock that ticks like that. It’s insanity. It’s like being in the Breakfast Club with toys on the floor.

I want to take a hammer to it.

Seriously. Not a little hammer, either, but a big, cartoonishly large hammer that dings the bell at the fair kind. I want to bash it Office Space style until the archaic springs pop out.

I just want to enjoy the sounds of silence a few hours a week. Is that too much to ask, clock, is it? IS IT?!?!?!




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  1. That would drive me nuts!! Maybe mention it to the receptionist or the therapist. I’m sure you aren’t the only one who hates that thing. Who knows….maybe they will take it down and switch to one of those amazing new inventions…..a DIGITAL clock!!!

  2. I have been reading your blog whenever I have any down time and ILOVE IT!!!
    You are so incredible as a mom, and as I read through older and newer blog posts it is fascinating to watch as your son gets older and better at communicating and develops more tools to help himself.
    I know you don’t know me but I seriously love reading your blog, you crack me up so much!
    You aren’t shy about saying exactly what you think and the pictures and captions you post are hilarious! especially the facebook ones. seriously. those facebook ones.

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