Catch up and lick her? I barely know her!

So, I have kind of been dragging my feet writing this “catch up” post about our little Jp. Mostly, because I know that it will be long. How terrible is that? It’s not that we have had any major changes…but life with a toddler is never boring, ammiright? I suppose the best way to say how things are going with crazy pants is in this picture from Christmas attempting to get him to take a freaking holiday photo with us.

family b and wLe sigh. How dare I have the audacity to want a family picture, right? Serves me right that this winner, winner chicken dinner was the best of the bunch. 

jp hatOn the upside of his emotional roller coaster personality, he can communicate. I mean, really truly communicate. On the downside…he can communicate. Am I allowed to say that? He pretty much never stops communicating. It’s like a running faucet of sheer nonsense day and night that makes me have to pry my death gripped fingers off of the wine bottle at noon. It’s not five o’clock somewhere! That is just a dumbass country song! Seriously, he just prattles on endlessly. Which, some days, is better than the simple act of screaming like a banshee until I figure out what it was that he originally wanted but, others, I’m not so certain. At least there was a mystery to solve with the noise. Now it’s just…noise. Mind-numbing, sanity crushing noise. 

He was just retested (thanks BCBS for making us eval every 3 months instead of 6) and his expressive scores were the same (which baffles me since he speaks so much more now but I suppose “more” and “age appropriate” aren’t always the same) at .75 deviations below the mean. Which is almost close to practically average! Pronouns aren’t his bag and he still refers to himself like the king of England, “Jp wants”, “Jp’s turn”, and my all-time favorite, “What’s Jp doing here?” He also slurs big-time so that makes it difficult for other people to understand him but he’s getting better with the help of therapy and we just keep chugging along. He’s improving and that is all that we can ask.

Receptive scores are something that I solely seem to rely on the therapist for now. He can understand me fine. He’s three and a half so I have to rephrase occasionally but that is to be expected, right? He is still coming in at 1.25 deviations below the mean which still signifies a disorder…but moderate. I certainly don’t feel as stressed these days and we’re holding off on any further developmental pediatrician appointments for now and won’t go back unless he falls behind in school and an IEP is something that is necessary for his academic well-being and we are still a few :years away from that.

Jp filterI’m working on potty training still. He’s not cooperating. At all. From all of the moms at speech who have children that are grey area or PDD, it seems to be a common problem…but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating. I want to enroll him at the Pre-K at his school but it is dependent on the briefs, literally. It’s slow-to-no go right now though and I have tried every trick in the book and all of the wonders and programs that the internet has to offer. I know that he does things in his own time -always has- and the moment that I start to panic is when he usually surprises me so I’m trying not to lose my marbles. Trying being the optimum word here. He just doesn’t get it. Why would he do something when I can just do it for him? Can you blame him?

Now, onto social. I know before that I talked a lot about how behind he was from his peers in interacting and playing. Like he had no idea what the heck he was doing. Luckily, the best thing that has come from me nannying is that I have forced these types of social interactions onto him and now he is pretty great with them. He is able to interact, play, play pretend…all of it. If I had one minor worry (who would I be if I didn’t?) is that is he is a total follower. All of the kids love him because he will always play whatever game they come up with. He’ll be the bad guy, climb onto things he’s not allowed for them, and follow them anywhere. So, while I love the fact that he is finally playing and seeming to have genuine fun with kids his age…I worry that the comprehension issues are going to get him in trouble if he’s playing with the wrong boys. I know, I know…just enjoy the moment, right? But show me a mom that doesn’t worry and I’ll show you my rainbow colored unicorn.

jp black and whiteOverall, he’s doing great. I mean, he’s a total pain in the butt…but great. He’s still wildly emotional, he’s over-the-top hyper and spastic (think: Mad TV Stewart and “Look what I can do”), he still has troubles sleeping through the night (and by troubles, I mean that he doesn’t), and he breaks EVERYTHING…but most days, he is pretty typical. He’s got this huge heart that is undeniable. He loves people and cannot stand to see someone get hurt physically or emotionally. If it happens (even on the TV) he runs out of the room holding his ears (Oh yes, we still ear hold. But now only when we are stressed or scared). I know that he will always struggle a little more than other kids when it comes to how he learns but he seems to be learning to adapt even at his age. I couldn’t be more proud of that.

And, I mean, just look at him. I am pretty sure he’ll get by on looks alone no matter what, right? It’s certainly what keeps me from killing him most days.

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    • That kid is a stunner! And a major whiner/cryer. When he’s cute, he’s darling and when he’s not…lawd have mercy! 😉

      He really is doing well though. I still watch him blank when new people talk to him but he covers it well…it’s really cool to watch. 🙂

      Loved your post about little $. Aren’t those moments the sweetest?

  1. Every upside can have a downside so…. Yes…you can say that. Lil S is potty trained… Upside. He tries to wipe his own butt and leaves poop smears on the toilet seat….downside! 🙂 As for being a wild trouble making toddler….both of mine were! I bought a shirt for lil S that says “If it’s not broke… I’ll get to it!” So I feel your pain there! I’m glad things seem to be improving for you! I hope they only continue to get better. Your persistence and patience and determination inspire me!

    You go mom! 🙂

    • My patience…um…it used to be better. I’m a work in progress! I would fight a tiger for him though! Boys will push you to the edge of sanity…no lie! 🙂

      And I want that shirt! It’s perfect!

  2. I am amazed at the progress from when you stopped posting. Back then he didn’t really talk just said the same words over and over and over and over…..and yes he really is a gorgeous child. Which is hard to see with your stunning annual family photo LOL. That gave me hiccops I laughed so hard!

  3. Oh god. One of us needs to move to live closer to the other. I could’ve written this blog (the NOISE, the hyper and wildly-emotional, the follower). Only I don’t have that awesome family picture! I think it’s fantastic.

  4. I love this post! I have been waiting for an update. Your blog was one of the first I found when I started this journey with Cooper and it helped me so much. These are great updates and he is just the cutest thing. I always tell Cooper that his good looks have kept him alive this long! Keep doing updates. They get me through the tough days. Your son gives me hope!

    • Awwww…I’ll certainly be doing more! He’s a quirky little thing that always gives me fodder for blogs!

      And thank you! Always have hope. You just have to find the way that they learn and work there. And no matter what…there will always be progress! 🙂

  5. Have you ever thought about a weighted blanket? For the sleeping through the night?
    I know they’re mostly associated with autism- but my nephew is two, and wasn’t sleeping through the night, and has little sensory processing issues- gags on certain foods, doesn’t like the feeling of some things, and so we figured we would try it. So I made him a weighted Cars blanket (of course it HAD to be Cars) and now he sleeps in his own bed through the night.
    I think the weight of it calms him down, his mom used to have to lay with him to get him to sleep.

  6. Have you ever looked into weighted blankets?
    My nephew wasn’t sleeping through the night, and wouldn’t fall asleep by himself-not autistic just some sensory processing issues (gags on some foods, doesn’t like the feeling of certain things). I made one for him (It had to be Cars fabric), and now he sleeps through the night in his own bed. His mom used to have lie with him for him to fall asleep.
    So, not saying it’s magic but……

    • I actually have. And I’m too frightened of heated. 🙂 He’s just full-on incapable of sleeping alone.

      But thank you! When I first heard about them I thought it was the answer to all of my prayers. 🙂

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