The Road to Tantrum Town was Paved with Good Intentions…

20140223-183954.jpgSee this portrait of a mother and son? How beautiful, right? Okay, I look half sun stroked and Jp has a busted lip (what’s new? Boys…le sigh.) but it’s a lovely moment captured in history thanks to my handy dandy iPhone.

Yeah…that was before I tried to leave. I had forgotten in the winter months how hard it is to get Jp to leave somewhere new when he’s not “hip” to the schedule. Maybe the warm day made me momentarily forget that I hate taking him to the park for just that reason. But more accurately, it was the guilt that we are going to be going away tomorrow for two days for a little anniversary getaway. It’s the first time we’ve left him since he was born.

Ah, guilt. It makes a mom a special kind of crazy, doesn’t it?

Well, as the train was a-leaving and all of the timers had been set and I had even granted two additional extensions we shook on and made a deal…it still didn’t go well.

And by “not well”, I mean he scratched me so hard that I bled and then he pulled the glasses off of my face and threw them.


On a plus note, however, I went from feeling extraordinarily guilty about being away and being worried about his behavior for grandma to pretty excited to take a little break from the crazy.

No crying.

No screaming.

No whining.

No reminding someone to pee every thirty minutes.

No sleeping in a bed three deep.

It’s going to be legend -wait for it- dary! And there is always FaceTime. It’s not like the kid wouldn’t rather talk to me via a computer screen anyways. 😉

Off to pack!



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  1. Our sweet little angels….what can I say?!? These boys are going to put us in an early grave. Enjoy your vacation. My jealousy is rising up right now. You get to be a grown-up! And have adult time and adult conversations. Have fun!!! Soak up every single second. When I get to go away from the kids I usually overdo it. I want to do everything!

    • That’s how I feel! I have enough planned and enough clothing packed for a week! Chris keeps telling me, “You know it’s only two days, right?”

      I can’t help it…I NEED this. I really freaking need it. The mom batteries are LOW.

  2. RESPITE….hurray!!! Take care of yourself….2 days ….enjoy yourself. No one truly understands how hard the “tough” moments are unless they experience them and for us to be able to get through the tough moments we need some time for “us”. My husband had our first time together since our son was born (he’s 6 now) when he was 4 when I got to join my husband for 4 days in NYC. We couldn’t believe how fast we slipped into couple mode that we missed….then the next time was for a Respite weekend last November where we just were in a hotel downtown being tourists in our own city for 2 days. It felt like a week:) Was it easy on my in-laws? No…but they feel closer to their grandson as they truly got to ride the roller coaster of bad and good times.

    • I stocked the house so grandma wouldn’t have to leave for anything…because she cannot handle him in public! Lol One time I had to drive over to the McDonalds playground to come get him down for her! But there is no one else I trust to watch him because the woman has more patience than I could ever dream of. 🙂

      I am excited! Especially for the couple time!

      • Sounds like an awesome plan…and I know what you mean re: who to trust. I have a neighbour that I have “broken in” as well as my in-laws. Its gotten better since my son has gotten older but he still hates it when I even go out for an evening to attend a workshop or if I want to go shopping by myself…he wants to go with me. Have a wonderful time!!!

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