My First Upcoming Series (Contributors Welcome)…

ImageOne of the things about my blog is that it is incredibly beautiful in it’s randomness. Much like the thoughts that spin round and round like a carousel that never stops in my mind and the emotions that flow like waves in a storm in my heart. To read my blog is to know me. I, as a person, am an all-over-the-damn place babbler and an emotional basketcase. I can own that because I am old enough to know myself. It is just how I roll.

But, with that being said, I have been receiving and reading a large amount of emails lately from people that are finding my blog from internet searches. Pre-diagnosis autism moms, comprehension disorder moms, and just parents that are in that weird and frightening place where they may not know what is “wrong” but are starting to see the developmental milestone charts beginning to slip out from under them. They find me because this is the place that I was in when I started this little blogging adventure. I was just a lost and scared mother who just wanted to reach out and find more parents like me.

Now? Now I feel like a bit of a pro at where we are as a family. There isn’t much turmoil (at least until I put him into school) and I have learned (from sheer trial and error) along the way. I have smacked my face into a million walls to get here. Walls that, maybe, I can help someone else from bombarding into. Just maybe.

Now, I would never claim to be any sort of “expert” or even right most of the time. Mostly because I am crazy and some because all children are different and respond to different stimulus and tactics. It’s what makes them all so wonderful. Snowflakes and whatnot.

And so, “Life Hacks for Developmental Delays”, will be born. It’s my very first series where I will try to look back and think of some of the more challenging moments of stress and disarray in my parenting venture and give my solutions to them. Maybe they will help someone who stumbles here and maybe they won’t. But I do know that people contact me all of the time with questions. Questions about sensory issues, teaching language, introducing new foods, keeping your patience in check, introducing books to children with little to no joint attention, ect and now I am going to attempt to tackle some of them -as many as I can- and then move them to a tab that is easy to find for people that stumble here from searches. I’m also going to try to not only say the answer is wine. I mean, it’s usually wine but not everyone loves the sauce like I do…

ImageAnyone that would like to contribute any “Mom Tricks” are more than welcome as a guest post, too (try to hide your excitement, y’all!). If there is a sensory or teaching tactic that you have come up with, please share! Or just comment in the sections that pertain to your little one. I would love to have as many as possible for people that wander here so any suggestions would be more than welcome, as well.

So, here goes nothing! More to follow soon.

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  1. I love that you are doing this! This mama will take all the help she can get. Talk about potty training for sure! Also, wine has got me through many exhausting days. It keeps us good mamas strong! Can’t wait. Thanks for doing this!

    • Lol Thank you! At least one person will be reading. I’ve always shied away from “informational” posts (because they are arrogant, in my opinion) but I think that as long as I keep the humility and humor that I may be able to pull it off without being a Know-It-All Nancy. 🙂 Fingers crossed.

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