Lego my Iphone, dude….

I have well-chronicled here my complete nonchalance in allowing my child to completely lose himself in his worlds of video games and fantasy programming. I am a laid-back mom of the highest order in that regard. We take time to read books, we go on outings, play hide and seek, and I make sure that I quiz him endlessly on his question abilities. But he he truly loves his video games and I think it’s cute and will help him have something to socialize with children his age. Besides, my parents were always trying to keep things (fun) away from me for “my own good” so it’s a parenting sore spot for me that I choose not to partake in.

And then there was this….

ImageO. M. F. G. The kid is more obsessed with this game than he has ever been obsessed with anything ever. Seriously. And this child is a master of obsessing about something until the mere mention of it makes your eye twitch and your ears ring.

I can’t even return a text message without him popping his head up like a meerkat and chirping, “Iphone? Lego Scar Wars? Iphone? Lego Scar Wars? Iphone? Lego Scar Wars? Pway Lego Scar Wars? Iphone? Iphone? Iphone? Iphone? I want it. Iphone? Lego Scar Wars?”





Then the tears. Then the tantrums. Cue the drama for yo mamma. It’s gotten so bad that I literally have threatened three times today -alone- that if he doesn’t stop crying over it, I am going to take away all forms of technology for the rest of the day. “NO COMPUTER. NO IPHONE. NO MOVIES! I’M SERIOUS!”

Why, oh why, did I even download it? I should have known better, right? This is not my first rodeo. And no, I can’t erase it (I’ve tried) because he literally knows how to download it again (and you don’t need a code if it’s in your cloud– UGH). Which he does when he sneaks the phone off of the table when I’m not looking.

Yeah. *Sigh* Kids, ammiright? Can’t live with them, can’t sell them on the black market after a certain age….


Substitute “managing” for “parenting”….?



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  1. I am SO with you. I specifically suggested to my mother-in-law that a LeapPad tablet would be an excellent gift for my daughter for Christmas so that she would have her VERY OWN video games that she could play to her heart’s content. But even though she has the tablet, and has a very nice My Little Pony game that goes with it, she still CONSTANTLY torments to play the My Little Pony mobile game on my iPhone. I would mind so much, except if I let her have the phone she will inevitably exit out of the game and start screwing around with other apps, and the last time I let her do that she accidentally deleted a few. -_-

  2. Time to get him his own Iphone with some numbers punched in, like grandmas who love him, to ‘chatter’ to and his OWN ‘Lego Scar Wars’. Worth every penny!

  3. Yup. I had to put a lock code on my phone for a reason! I totally get where you are coming from! Although got my kids it’s usually crying over the wii.

    • The only thing he’s really good at on the Wii is Frogger and I told him it broke (Mom of the Year over here) because it’s hooked up to the living room TV. And he broke the casing on his 3DS so….my phone or my laptop. And, at least, I have an impact case on my phone! Lol 🙂

  4. I’m kind of laughing over here. We lucked out in that we came across an abandoned iPhone with a busted screen. We paid to fix it and voila: Stella has her own game (no SIM card or anything). She’ll play it for a while but inevitably gets bored and moves on. It keeps my phone from getting quite as crusty and I actually get to use it myself occasionally.

    • I gave him my old 3s and told him it was his but, unfortunately, the threes aren’t compatible with all of the fun games. And since I smashed my 4 to oblivion and sent it to Gazelle to help pay for my new one (with my upgrade) no one is giving up a 4 or 5 for awhile since I used two family upgrades in three weeks. 😉

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