I think I’ve Become An Introvert…Or Just Lazy, I’m Not Sure Which.

ImageI have lived my entire adult life (thanks to Carl Jung, my own personal hero) knowing that I am an extrovert with introvert tenancies. This means, that I thrive and get my “energy” from talking to people. But, on the other hand, it drains me and makes me want to hide under the bed the larger the social situation is. So I prefer to keep my interactions to small gatherings, blogging, and yammering my husband into an early grave and that works beautifully for me.

But now? Now I think I’m just too lazy to have friends.

I have a yoga date this afternoon with a friend and I’m dreading it. A date that I set up. Not dreading the idea of seeing her, of course, or I wouldn’t have invited her. I don’t have that sort of crazy in me (just many, many other varieties). I just loathe the idea of company coming over to my house, of having to clean up (which I already do because I’m a nitnik like that), set up play areas for the boys, make sure the dogs are secured, find the perfect class online that works for both of our individual skill sets, and then prepare a healthy snack for after.

What is bat shit crazy is that I love having a partner for yoga. What is even crazier still is that absolutely none of these tasks will take more than a few minutes to complete aside from the cleaning aspect, which I already mentioned, I never go a day without accomplishing anyways. So why does they idea of doing it seem so….so….fudge if I know….annoying, maybe? Is that the right word?

I don’t know. I should grateful that someone wants to come and hang with me that enjoys my activities and here I am…pissy because I have to mop. I’m a terrible friend.

Or, just lazy. I think I am going to stick with lazy. It makes me feel less like a jerk that way.



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  1. I totally relate. We rarely hang out with anyone. It seems like too much trouble, too stressful, too…. But once we’re in the moment or when we reflect afterwards, it was usually positive. I gotta work on that.

  2. You are making it too hard! Let go a little, that is what yoga is about. Don’t mop the floor unless it is dangerous. The place only has to be perfect for YOU. All she needs is a yoga mat sized space. You are putting too much pressure on yourself, so do only what is required. The majority of friends, worth their weight in friendship, don’t care about your housekeeping skills. They do care if you are tired, cranky and distracted. Remember what you are doing and focus on that.

  3. More sympathy over here! I don’t know about my personality type exactly, but I thrive on the interaction of others and gain a lot of energy from having other people around me, but I also wish I could spend every second of my day curled up in bed by myself, which makes for some interesting mood swings. lol

  4. I am going with the excuse for me that it’s because winter has been way too long….I think all my neighbours are hiding too for that matter. Yikes right?

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