There’s No Crying in Lunch Time!

 ImageOne of the sheer joys that come with the territory of being a mommy blogger is sharing the unbelievably silly reasons that my nearly-four-year-old cries on a daily basis. They are utterly irrational, borderline ridiculous, mostly absurd -but most of all- thoroughly hilarious! Seriously, I cannot get enough of it.

Also, it’s either find a reason to laugh about it or go stark raving mad as a hatter. I choose to laugh. Most of the time anyways.

I know I have recently shared some doozies: like not allowing him to eat raw noodles and cheese dust in the grocery store and crying because his hot dog was gone after he -himself- ate it. With his own tiny mouth. It was like he was in the throes of a Jager-induced frat party blackout and thought some one stole it, for christsakes. It was priceless.

But today, oh today, was one of the best that I have seen in a very long while.

I made him lunch and then myself. He decided that mine looked more appealing, obviously *eye roll*. So I cut it in half and gave him his half (even though he had told me that he didn’t want it just two minutes before I made him something else). He made quick work of scarfing it down like something out of a cartoon, just so that he could…

Cry. At. Every. Bite. I. Took. Of. My. Own. Lunch.

ImageFork to mouth. Tears. Groan and take bite. Tears. Offer him another bite that he takes and so I tried to sneak one in. Tears. Talk myself up in my own head about not letting him run my life and take a bite. Tears. I am the parent, you are the child *bite*. Tears.

Gives up and gives it to him and sits back down with his soup. Tears because the soup is “his”.

*Eye Twitches Violently*

“Awesome. Great. I wasn’t hungry anyway, buddy.”

Anybody want to buy a boy? Potty-trained (sorta) and cute as button (mostly)? Eh? Eh? It’s like a diet that you can’t give up on. 😉



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    • Crazy little monkeys, right? I don’t even know where he gets this nonsense from sometimes. This morning he cried because he wanted chips for breakfast. He never has chips for breakfast so I have no idea why the drama but…it’s always funny.

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