Today…it’s going by too fast.

I always visibly roll my eyes when people whine that their 11 month old is turning one. “It’s going by too fast!”, they weep on Facebook, causing me to inadvertently look like a sullen teenager again as I read it. I’ve never -ever- understood it. Mostly, this is for the very personal and obvious reasons– for us, it has gone extremely slowly. Jp was a preemie before he ever even had speech and social delays. It’s been a lot of staring at milestone charts and waiting. Endless upon endless amounts of time spent waiting for him to “catch up” with his peers.

I genuinely cannot think of one thing that the kid did early.

So yeah, for us, it’s been trudging along at a snail’s pace since the beginning. The eye rolls aren’t always intentional and sometimes suppressed in mixed company, but they are there.

But today? Today is big day. Today is the day that we get Jp’s big BIG boy furniture. You know, the stuff he will probably turn into a teen before we replace. Goodbye little toddler bed in the shape of a race car, goodbye toddler toys and baby proofed furniture that wasn’t too high…hello big full-size pine bed with a door to a secret hiding spot underneath for the new and abounding imagination (and yes, I know I am going to freak out the first time I go in and can’t find him!), hello big boy desk for the upcoming school year, and hello huge dresser that may or may not have a fish tank by Christmas (if I can get the husband on board).

Today, for the first time, that mom with the tears welling up in her eyes because her baby is growing “too fast” is me.

He has been my “baby” far longer than any other mother is allowed. But now, now he is becoming a little boy. And we want to grow with him. We want to encourage the growth that he has fought so hard for. He has earned it, dammit!

But be still my poor mommy heart…I’m going to miss that baby boy.


Β I can get through set-up without crying, I swear!Β 



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  1. Your baby will always be your baby no matter what age… son is almost 18 and I had to send him back to Cali today and I balled like a little baby. My husband said “honey he’s a big boy now, he’s not your baby anymore”…… I looked at him with tears rolling down my face and said “he will always be my baby, just like you were your moms baby up until the day she died” .

  2. i think we really wish for them to get through a phase, until they do. Then we want the old “cute” phase back….the same phase that we thought were horrible just months before:)……Or maybe thats just me!

  3. High fives! Wow I bet he’s so excited πŸ™‚ but do you know what happened with us? Our boy loves his big boy room but he likes to keep a few toddler toys on his shelf “just because” it makes him feel better….and mommy too because I didn’t want to give them away yet.

  4. My ‘baby’ just turned six (today), and while I feel like he’s been around 4-evah, there are other moments when it seems like just yesterday we were racing to the hospital. I’m glad you got that chance to feel like it’s all going by too fast because it does sometimes make you appreciate all the other stuff more. Sometimes ;-).

  5. This is great. I never considered myself a sentimental person, but I got all choked up last week packing up my kids’ outgrown clothes for a consignment sale. Guess you never know when it will hit you! πŸ™‚

  6. I was just complaining on Twitter the other day how it feels like Charlie will be a baby forever. One of the other moms says she refers to her little one as a “permababy”. Yay! for big boy furniture. A huge step! For the record, the bottles, crib, and diapers could all leave and I wouldn’t miss them. πŸ™‚

    • I literally JUST got Jp potty (like, fully fully) trained so diapers…yeah, I’ll never say I miss that. But I was with you. It went on forever. But now I want it back. Lol When it happens for you…you’ll remember this conversation. I promise. πŸ˜‰

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