I gets drunk…

ImageGreetings and Salutations from the great state of Texas!

Yes, I sound quite exuberant, don’t I? I could see why you would think that. In fact, aren’t I actually talking to myself right now? Wait, don’t answer that….me…that…I give up. I am currently sitting down with a heaping glass cup shaker goblet of a Mexican Martini. Which, I am sure, most non-Texans don’t know what that even means.

Let’s just say that if a margarita and a dirty martini met in a dark alley with no sense of consequence and nine months later had a delicious, frosty baby….now that’s a Mexican Martini.

Yes, I know that it’s Tuesday. Yes, I am aware that in the central time zone it’s only 7:30 and the sun is shining still. But it has been a loooooooooooo(oooooooooooooooo)ng few weeks. Tequila on a weekday is completely acceptable. Justifiable, even. And even if none of those things are true…I simply don’t care. It’s happening anyway.

Just a quick run down:

ImageIn the last few weeks I:

  • Spring cleaned my entire 4 bedroom, 3 bath home
  • Did ALL of the yard work single-handed
  • Held down a part-time nanny job that includes some MORE cleaning
  • Schlepped Jp to and from therapy
  • Did all of the normal housework, laundry, and parenting that I usually do
  • Dug out time for learning games and fun time with Jp
  • Shopped, planned, and orchestrated a 20 person Easter BBQ that raged on into the evening
  • Lost our 16-year-old Lab, Butch
  • Put up fliers and checked shelters for days
  • Hiked 6 miles through surrounding woods looking for him
  • Found him at a shelter
  • Went back to the slave labor that my life had become

The irony is that I lost him when I left the gate open after 5 hours of yard work that followed a 9 hour day with three boys (of which only one is mine normally) so, it goes without saying, I was a dead lady on walking feet. Cue dramatic search and rescue mission. Ay yay yay.

But now? The holidays are over, the house is a showplace, and the ancient, blind, and half-deaf dog is home safe and sound so I am filling my wine glass with the hard stuff.

Tonight I drink. And breathe. And blog. And let the laundry sit folded on the dryer with no remorse for the fact it will wrinkle before I hang it up. Learn to iron, family!

Because tonight I have not one scrap of energy left in me. Nothing in my tank whatsoever.

Except for tequila. Yummy and mind-numbing Tequila. πŸ˜‰


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I’m just living minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day.

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  1. You and me, we’re kindred spirits. Because if there wasn’t tequila on a Tuesday, well, then fuck Tuesday.
    And I fully expect you to inbox me your Mexican Martini recipe. Immeeeeeediately.

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