Mexican Martini


mom drunkI know I’m not a big giving-recipes-type-of-blogger, but there was a lot of call for my Mexican Margarita recipe. While I have always prided myself on being a not-your-typical Mommy Blogger (why? I do not know. I have to stop thinking I am a unique snowflake, right?), I figure that if a recipe must live here…at least it’s alcoholic.

Mexican Martini

You definitely need–


Tequila (My preference is Blue Agave Silver but it all works)

Cointreau or Triple Sec (It’s an orange flavored liqueur and I always go with one that actually contains more alcohol, but I’m a drunk like that)

Olives (Stay with me here) and juice





You need one or both–



Margarita or Sweet and Sour Mix ( I like to go with whatever is on sale, personally)


You can add if you like–


Orange Juice (Dear god, no pulp! Blech)


mM4B7pmother-wine-drink-kids-moms-ecards-someecardsNow, everyone has a different spin on these and everyone thinks theirs is the best thing that ever graced the hills of Texas. I pretty much moved here after college (and several years of bartending) and thought this drink sounded disgusting and wanted zero to do with it. Then I tried it.

You know in a movie when the love interest walks into a room for the first time and there is this shift in cinematography where time slows down, soft music plays, and there is a softness to the light that screams romantic intentions? Yeah, that’s how I felt when the first few sips got past my lips.

I loved it. And when you love something as a cook or bartender…you tweak it. You mess with it. You try and make it better. Or maybe that is just how I roll. Like I would ever trust anyone to know what I like better than myself (said every Narcissist EVER)!

So this is the recipe that I have come up with that I think makes it pretty magical. And don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. It tastes better than it sounds!

1.25 (One Shot) of Tequila

.75 Cointreau or Triple

Splash OJ

Splash Sprite

Sour Mix

.75 Olive Juice


Shake until freezing and strain into Martini glass and garnish with ice


Serve over ice (My favorite) with a salt rim and olives and limes

mex mart

And that’s it! You can omit the sour and just use sprite and orange, omit the sprite and use lime juice…whatever makes your margarita fancy. Just kick in some olive juice. And wait for the magic. {Side note: I like mine so “dirty” that I ask for them -and make them- “filthy”. Double the olive for me}

Just remember to drink responsibly or whatever it is that people say to avoid liability when they are telling you to drink. 😉


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  1. Mexican Martini recipe

    2 oz tequila
    1 1/2 oz Cointreau® orange liqueur
    2 oz sweet and sour mix
    1 oz lime juice
    2 oz orange juice
    1 splash Sprite® soda
    2 olives

    Pour all ingredients into a large cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake and strain into a large cocktail/martini glass (8+ ounces) with a salt rim. Add two olives on a spear, and serve.

    Have Fun – Cheers!!

  2. I not usually a fan of margaritas or martinis. I’m usually a wine-o or a rum and coke girl, but I MAY have to try this! Thanks!

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