“I admire your patience and your strength as a mom” -Someone close to me


Someone said this about me today on Facebook. Not someone that is required to say it, either, but someone that I believe truly meant it. When I read the words on the screen I very nearly almost fell out of my chair. I had to read it back a few times just to make sure that I had seen it correctly.





These were not words that would have been used to describe me a few short years ago. Loud, obnoxious, wild…yes, those were a more likely fit.

Someone admires me. Someone thinks I am doing a good job. Someone that actually knows me and sees me and interacts with me in the real world. That’s just crazy pants to me, let me tell you. I would never have thought in a million years that I would even be decent at this parenting bit much less someone that someone so close to me would deem worthy of praising in such a hefty fashion.

That is my Mother’s Day gift. The fact that becoming a mother has made me a better person, a person that others can look up to, is all the gift that I could ever need. The fact that I am able to be a mother and to celebrate with my family is something that can’t be bought from a store or purchased in a boutique.

That is more than enough for me.

I may not be walking the path that I saw for myself or even the path I dreamed up many nights when I was pregnant but I’m walking it tall. I’m walking it proud. And I’m doing a good enough job that the people closest to me think I am worthy of admiration.

Be still my beating heart.


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